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Bus sharing massage mat to join

  Tourism bus sharing massage pad joining policy:

  The first step: the agent on behalf of the company to find the ideal team:

  1) Owners of vehicle property rights, use rights, and management rights;

  2) Vehicles with a high annual vehicle output rate;

  3) Vehicles for tourists other than students, seniors and foreigners;

  4) Short-distance feeders (within 30 minutes by car);

  5) Limited selection of vehicles with guides and relatively fixed drivers;

  Step 2: Understand the cooperation policy:

  1) The company provides massage pads, wire harnesses and other equipment. The agent is responsible for finding vehicles that meet the requirements. The income company, agents, and fleet (driver guides) share the proportions;

  2) The agent is required to pay a deposit;

  3) The income is preferentially collected by the company, and after the cost is recovered, it is shared proportionally;

  4) The agent is responsible for migrating the massage mat because of the vehicle being out of service and low income;

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