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     Shanghai Buxin Technology Development Co., Ltd. owns the brand "Kai Di Ya", the company's official website, is based on massage chairs, massage pads and other health equipment and big health data platform as the core product Technology-based companies. The company was registered on July 11, 2018, with a registered capital of RMB 10 million.

01 Create a healthy life

      relying on its strong design, research and development capabilities and creativity, combining traditional Chinese medicine civilization with cutting-edge technology, through product output, concept output To deliver the brand value of the world to the world and create a healthy life of “soothing, healthy, free and happy”.

     Buxin Technology specializes in system integration and collaboration technologies, new materials technology, sensor technology, data recognition and acquisition technology, ergonomics Technology, aesthetic appreciation and other cutting-edge technologies, combined with the meridian theory of Chinese medicine civilization, applied to traditional massage equipment, empowering products, enabling users to imitate the human hand, better than the human hand.